High Voltage 160kn Disc Suspension Toughened Glass Insulator U160B

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Glass insulator has superior mechanical properties, good anti flashover performance, excellent corrosion resistance, good aging resistance, good structural stability, high efficiency and light weight.

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High Voltage 160kn Disc Suspension Toughened Glass Insulator U160B (4)

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IEC designation U160B/146 U160B/155 U160B/170
Diameter D mm 280 280 280
Height H mm 146 155 170
Creepage distance L mm 400 400 400
Socket coupling mm 20 20 20
Mechanical failing load kn 160 160 160
Mechanical routine test kn 80 80 80
Wet power frequency withstand voltage kv 45 45 45
Dry lightning impulse withstand voltage kv 110 110 110
Impulse puncture voltage P.U 2.8 2.8 2.8
Power frequency puncture voltage kv 130 130 130
Radio influence voltage μv 50 50 50
Corona visual test kv 18/22 18/22 18/22
Power frequency electric arc voltage ka 0.12s/20Ka 0.12s/20Ka 0.12s/20Ka
Net weight per unit kg 6.7 6.6 6.7

Product Definition

Glass insulators an insulator made of tempered glass. Its surface is in the state of compression prestress, such as crack and electrical breakdown, glass insulator will break into small pieces, commonly known as "self-explosion". This feature eliminates the need for "zero value" detection of glass insulators during operation.
The glass insulator is the crystallization of the combination of glass and insulator. Because of the characteristics of glass compared with electric porcelain, glass insulators have better stability in electrical and mechanical characteristics, and their transparency makes it easy to check the damage during operation, so that the regular electrified preventive test for insulators is cancelled. The electrical strength of glass generally remains the same throughout its operation, and its aging process is much slower than that of porcelain. Therefore, glass insulators are mainly abandoned due to self-damage, which occurs within the first year of operation, whereas the defects of porcelain insulators begin to be discovered only after several years of operation.


This standard specifies the general technical requirements, selection principles, inspection rules, acceptance, packaging and transportation, installation and operational maintenance, and operational performance testing for ac overhead line insulators with nominal voltages above 1000V.

This standard is applicable to disk-type suspended porcelain and glass insulators (insulators for short) used in ac overhead power lines, power plants and substations with nominal voltage above 1000Y and frequency 50Hz. The altitude of the installation site must be lower than 1000m, and the ambient temperature must range from -40 ° c to +40 ° c. 2 Normative reference files

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