ED-2C Low Voltage Porcelain Ceramic Shackle Insulator

Short Description:

Shackle insulator is suitable for overhead transmission and distribution line terminal, and fixed on tension rod or angle pole to supporting conductors and playing a role in insulating.
As one part of electrical fitting strings, porcelain shackle insulator is used in order to simplify the fitting structure. It is normally used in 400V lines.
It is a type of low voltage insulator usually assembled with upset bolts, secondary racks, or secondary clevises to provide insulation for the conductors on the pole.
The shackle insulator includes a conductor within the groove and it is fixed by using a soft binding wire. They are typically installed horizontally or vertically on low voltage transmission lines.
Most of them are made of porcelain, but some are made of polymer.

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ED-2C Low Voltage Porcelain  Ceramic Shackle Insulator (6)

ed-2 D型铁图纸

ED-2C Low Voltage Porcelain  Ceramic Shackle Insulator (8)

 Product Technical Parameters

Shackle insulators
Type   ED-2C
Leakage distance mm 68
Mechanical Values
Transverse Strength kn 11.4
Electrical Values
Low frequency dry flashover voltage kv 25
Low frequency wet flashover voltage kv 13
Packing and Shipping Data
Net weight,approximate kg 0.50


Low voltage line insulators are used for insulation and fixing of power line conductors with power frequency AC or DC voltage below 1KV. There are mainly needle type, screw type, spool type, tension and tram line insulator, etc. Butterfly and spool insulators can also be used for insulation and fixation of conductors on low-voltage line terminals, tension and corner rods. Tension insulator is used for insulation and connection of pole stay wire or tension conductor.

In the transmission line, the pole must bear the transverse (horizontal) tension of long straight section of wire. In order to bear this transverse tension, the construction party often uses tension insulators. In low-voltage lines (below 11kv), spool insulators are often used as tension insulators. However, for high voltage transmission lines, pin or disc insulator strings are required to be connected to the cross arm in the horizontal direction. When the tension load in the line is very high, such as at a long span, two or more insulator strings need to be used in parallel.

Product Information

Shackle insulators are divided into high-voltage Shackle insulators and low-voltage Shackle insulators.
The models of high voltage Shackle insulators are E-I, E-2, E-6 and E-10. Meaning of Pinyin in the model: e-Shackle porcelain insulator; The number after the dash indicates the rated voltage, in kV, and the new product is the overall dimension number.
The models of low-voltage Shackle insulators are: ed-i, ed-2, ed-2b and ed-3. Meaning of Pinyin in the model: ed - low voltage Shackle insulators; Numeric table after dash
The product size code is shown.


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