Best Price U40B 11kV 40kN glass insulator

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Glass insulator not only have a delicate appearance and stable quality, but also support high voltage transmission lines.
A suspension string can be made suitable for any voltage level.

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High Voltage 40kn Disc Suspension Toughened Glass Insulator U40B White Transparent (9)

IEC designation U40B/110
Diameter D mm 178
Height H mm 110
Creepage distance L mm 185
Socket coupling mm 11
Mechanical failing load kn 40
Mechanical routine test kn 20
Wet power frequency withstand voltage kv 25
Dry lightning impulse withstand voltage kv 50
Impulse puncture voltage P.U 2.8
Power frequency puncture voltage kv 90
Radio influence voltage μv 50
Corona visual test kv 18/22
Power frequency electric arc voltage ka 0.12s/20kA
Net weight per unit kg 2.1

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