Good Quality High voltage electric Double Shed Antifog Type Glass Insulator 70KN 100KN 120kn

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Compared with porcelain insulator, glass insulator has the following advantages: due to the mechanical strength of the surface layer of glass insulator, the surface is not easy to crack. The electrical strength of glass generally remains unchanged during the whole operation, and its aging process is much slower than that of porcelain.
U70e/U70blp/U100blp /U120blp

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 Product Technical Parameters

High voltage Double Shed Antifog Type Glass Insulator
IEC designation   U70BLP U100BLP U120BLP
Diameter mm 280 280 280
Socket coupling mm 146 146 146
Creepage distance mm 450 450 450
Socket coupling mm 16 16 16
Mechanical failing load KN 70 100 120
Wet power frequency withstand voltage kV 50 50 50
Dry lightning impulse withstand voltage kV 125 125 125
Impulse puncture voltage P.U 2.8 2.8 2.8
Power frequency puncture voltage kV 130 130 130
Radio influence voltage  μv 50 50 50
Corona visual test kV 18/22 18/22 18/22
Power frequency electric arc voltage ka 0.12s/20ka 0.12s/20ka 0.12s/20ka
Net weight per unit kg 5.8 5.8 5.8

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