Build a platform to gather talents, strengthen services, and activate the new momentum of the century old electric porcelain industry in Shangbu town

This year, facing the rebound of the epidemic and the downward pressure of the economy, Shangbu town of Luxi County has combined the construction of the “five types” government with the promotion of high-quality leapfrog development, aiming at the first industry of electric porcelain, building a platform, gathering talents and strengthening services, producing a “superposition effect”, which has activated the new momentum of electric porcelain development for a century.

1、 Build a “strong magnetic field” platform to stimulate industrial vitality.First, accelerate the construction of domestic platforms. Take the four in one mode of “design, construction, investment and operation”, promote the construction of Luxi (Shangbu) electric porcelain industry comprehensive agglomeration area covering an area of 3000 mu, and create the largest electric porcelain industry agglomeration in China. Second, build an international industrial platform. Relying on the national electric porcelain foreign trade transformation and upgrading base, implement the “going out” strategy, vigorously support Xuhua electric porcelain and Huatong Electric Porcelain to establish an international industrial base in Zambia Industrial Park, expand overseas markets, and enhance the international influence and competitiveness of Shangbu electric porcelain. Third, use the Huoxian industry 4.0 digital factory platform. Encourage and guide newly recruited enterprises to digitally empower workshops and equipment, and promote the building of five key enterprises, including Dalian, Fushun, Xinghai, Lifeng and Yangdong. At present, there are 78 upstream and downstream enterprises of electric porcelain in the town, with an annual GDP of 2billion yuan, forming a whole industrial chain from porcelain clay mining to the production and manufacture of leading products and accessories.

2、 Plant “Wutong trees” to attract talents and stimulate innovation vitality. First, pay attention to flexible talent introduction. Get rid of the “four only” tendency, and for the scarce and professional technical talents, do not look at the “name” to see the contribution, do not look at the “hat” to see the actual effect, so as to realize the transformation of talent recruitment from “flood irrigation” to “precision drip irrigation”. This year, through the second batch of “Zhaoping talents” plan, 14 urgently needed talents in the electric porcelain industry have been introduced. Second, build a docking and exchange platform. Adhere to the “going out, please come in”, regularly organize enterprises to go to advanced regions and colleges and universities to carry out talent special projects and targeted docking, set up talent workstations, create talent enclaves, undertake talent spillovers, and achieve “the first month is close to the water”. Third, purify the “social ecology”. Actively implement the “Talent Gathering in Luxi” talent introduction plan of Luxi County, do a good job in diversified one-stop services, and implement children’s enrollment, housing security, political treatment, etc. for high-level talents according to policies. At present, the electric porcelain enterprises in the town have more than 500 professional and technical personnel, 25 electric porcelain R & D enterprises and scientific research institutions, 11 specialized and special new enterprises, and 18 provincial high-tech enterprises.

3、 Play a good “combined fist” in service and stimulate entrepreneurial vitality. First, we will deepen the reform of “deregulation, regulation and service”. Adhere to the guidance of benefiting enterprises and facilitating the people, vigorously promote the upgrading of “not running once” and “only running once” to “one thing at a time”, and achieve more than 70% of government services “online” and “palm office”, so that enterprises and the masses can handle affairs more quickly. The second is to implement the point service enterprise mechanism. We will carry out in-depth “nanny” enterprise service activities such as “pulse taking consultation”, classified guidance, and precise positioning to help enterprises return to work and production and achieve efficiency. In the new term, the company helped electric porcelain enterprises recruit more than 680 employees, revitalized more than 540 mu of inefficient land used by electric porcelain enterprises, and the enterprise satisfaction rate reached more than 95%. Third, actively implement the preferential policies for enterprises. Adhere to and make good use of the “white list” system, implement the policy of benefiting enterprises quickly, directly, accurately and practically, and spare no effort to help enterprises solve difficulties. This year, more than 8million yuan has been paid for the technological transformation award of electric porcelain enterprises, and 220million yuan has been invested in technological transformation; 2.29 million yuan was retained, offset and refunded by enterprises, and the amount of deferred payment by enterprises reached 35.93 million yuan.

Source: Luxi County Government

Post time: Aug-02-2022